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10 years ago
The current YAF DNN version is installing, uninstalling, repairing and operating reliably and without DNN event log error entries!!! I can't say thank you enough. I think in the near term we can reintroduce YAF to the global DNN communities and find a VERY warm reception. This module is installing and behaving much like a DNN user would expect it to.

As one with mostly DNN experience and in the spirit of community feedback I would like to share my thoughts in hope of improving YAF for DNN users to come.

Please note, these are not bugs, but rather opportunities for improvement with regard to DNN integrations.

#1- When buddy adding is turned off in the host options, the My buddies tab still shows on the profile page. THis is not desirable in a DNN integration since DNN already has a friends list and many other modules on a DNN site already integrate to this friends list.

#2 - It took me a while to discover that there were some options for configuring the DNN User import. I also learned from the_watcha that each time a user visits the forum page, their account gets synchronized. Unless I missed it, there is nowhere in the documentation indicating that there synchronization options exist. I was fortunate to stumble upon them.

and now for my dream list :)

#1 - Forum Breadcrumbs integrated into the DNN Skin. I believe there are several ways to achieve this. One nice way might be to simply provide a little DNN modle for YAF breadcrumbs. In this way, just about anyone can edit a DNN skin and add a little section where the breadcrumbs are. THis would then allow them to use standard DNN page editing to drop the YAF breadcrumbs module into that spot.

#2 - Some kind of way to (perhaps a little module) to have DNN users agree to forum rules. In my case, I ran a SQL query to give customers of my various products access to particular forums based on DNN role assignments. SInce they are all already registered and now in a role giving them access to the forum, I don't really have any way to show them forum rules. In a perfect world, I could simply show a rules module on the page if they weren't in the role ForumRulesAgreed. What I would need is simply a button they can click that would add them to the ForumRulesAgreed Role which would then cause the forum module to become visible and the rules to be hidden from that point on. Surprisingly I cant find such a module yet.

#3 Real integration into DNN journal, friends, etc.. (DNN Social Gizmos) including profile editing through DNN profile page. Most DNN skins have this built in now, so there is already a common place where DNN users know to find and edit their profile.

#4 Some YAF modules to enhance the DNN profile. YAF has some nice things on the profile page that can only be provided by YAF such as last 10 posts and statistics. I'm nt sure if it makes sense for these to become modules that could be placed on the DNN profile page or if they would simply become journal entries.

#5 Disabling the toolbar which is desirable in DNN makes it a bit interesting. First, people need to figure out how to manually create the items from the toolbar elsewhere on their site. In my case I was able to sort this out, I would however expect many users to have difficulty with this. One option would be to provide a toolbar module with a few settings options for what's show on it. As with most DNN modules, this cold of course be style able. Another thing that surprised me here is that when I disabled t toolbar, I also lost the right hand section containing admin, host and moderation. I was able to create these elsewhere on my site but again, I'm not sure how inbtuitive that will be for future users.

Again, just my two cents. I hope something in my rambling is found useful. All in all, I am extremely pleased with YAF on DNN and I think it isn't far from being a tool that could become widely used by the DNN community.


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