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Hi all

I just started using JAF lately, and I have a problem. How can I add moderators to a specific box? I am using version

Thanks for your times

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, you'd like one person to moderate a specific forum (which you're calling a "box") ... correct? So if you have a forum for "XYZ", you want a particular person to be able to moderate that particular forum, I don't know how to do that. For future reference, YAF is a BOARD, and each "box" is a FORUM. So your YAF Board will probably have several forums.

But it's easy to make someone a moderator -- but they'd be a moderator for all forums.

Create Access Mask

Log in as the Administrator

Click Admin on the top navbar

Click on Users and Roles

Click on Access Masks

At the very bottom, click New Access Mask

Name the access mask "XYZ Moderator" or whatever you'd like to name it

Check off all the checkboxes


Create Role

Still under Users and Roles, click Roles

At the very bottom, click New Role

Name the role "XYZ Role" or whatever you'd like to name it

Leave "is start" unchecked

Leave "is admin" unchecked

At the bottom, under "initial access mask", scroll down to "XYZ Moderator" Access Mask and select that.


Edit User

Still under Users and Roles, click Users

Find the user who you'd like to moderate the particular forum you want him/her to moderate.

Under "User Roles" check off the new role you just created.

Now that user will NOT be able to administrate the forums, but he/she WILL be able to moderate the forums. But I'm unsure as to how to restrict them to 1 forum in particular. So if you trust this person to be a responsible moderator for all forums, and just verbally tell them to only moderate one of your forums, then you can use the instructions I gave. Restricting them to 1 particular forum is above my pay-grade, for now.

Hope this helps, and if not, keep on posting questions!

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