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Hello friends,

I have a web site in which i have integrated YAF.

Now, when user comes to YAF, onclick of login link it should redirect to my login page and not to the YAF login page. Same whenever login is required while browsing Forum it must redirect to my login page.

(example : i have created a forum in which i have assigned "No access" permission to Guest user. when a user browse forum and try to open that forum it redirects to login page. So here too user redirect to my login page instead of redirecting to YAF login page.)

Thanks in advance.
In the Host Settings you can define a Custom Login Url under Host -> Login/Registration Settings -> "Custom Login Redirect Url"

If login is disabled in the AppSettings (AllowLoginAndLogoff needs to be set to "false" ), this is the URL users will be redirected to when they need to access the forum. Optionally add "" to the URL to pass the return URL to the custom Url. E.g. "{0}"
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Hey thanks....

It works..


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