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12 years ago
I have a website on WinHost.com, I was looking for a good asp.net forum software for long time. When YetAnotherForum v1.9.6 RC1 released, I was very happy and quickly installed it on remote server. Followings are easy steps.

http://yafnet.codeplex.com/  download YetAnotherForum YAF-v1.9.6-RC1-BIN.zip, unzip it and read ReadMe.htm included carefully.
2、From unziped folders, find folder "YetAnotherForum.NET" and ftp to www.my-domain.net root directory and rename it to "Forum".
3、Inside WinHost Control Panel, Create Application starting point for the "Forum" folder.
(1).So I don't need to ftp "YetAnotherForum.Net\bin" folder's files to root\bin, (different from ReadMe.htm).
(2).and I don't need to change app.config file, Uncomment/add key with name "YAF.AppRoot" and value "/forum/".(different from ReadMe.htm).
4、Copy the file "recommended-NET-web.config" to same "Forum" folder and rename it to web.config.
5、Change ConnectionString in db.config file.
6、Configure mail.config file.
7、(Copy from ReadMe.htm)Generate a Machine Key for your installation.
Open the file web.config and visit the a site that allows generation of a unique machine key for your forum. Such as this site: AspNet Resources Machine Key Generator. Copy and paste the generated machine key to your web.config in the section.
8、Backup my database on Server (use same database for Yaf forum).
http://www.My-Domain.net/forum/install/ .
there was a little problem from my original website application, then I go to web.config and change Mode , and display the error, and easy fixed it.
10. then I follow the Yaf forum installation guide easily to successfully finish.

That was what I did to install yaf forum on remote server.

Yaf Forum is wonderful beautiful forum software, thank you developers very very much.


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