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When requiresUniqueEmail="true" and a second user creates an acount with an allready taken e-mail address, YafMembershipProvider.CreateUser throws an error.
The error is probably correctly thrown by method YafMembershipProvider.GetUserNameByEmail but CreateUser should anyways return null and MembershipCreateStatus.DuplicateEmail for the status.

try - catch @ this.GetUserNameByEmail, or better yet call a private method to verify if email is taken, sort of....

if (this.RequiresUniqueEmail && EmailExists(email))
status = MembershipCreateStatus.DuplicateEmail;
return null;

[ProviderException: Too many Usernames returned for that email address.]
YAF.Providers.Utils.ExceptionReporter.ThrowProvider(String providerSection, String tag) +50
YAF.Providers.Membership.YafMembershipProvider.GetUserNameByEmail(String email) +119
YAF.Providers.Membership.YafMembershipProvider.CreateUser(String us

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