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12 years ago
Help me,

I download source v1.9.5.5 RTW SRC Zipped from CodePlex, build error.


  • cvoong
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12 years ago
Make sure you're using Visual Studio 2010
  • hanaa
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12 years ago
I download source v1.9.5.5 RTW SRC Zipped.
it runs normally, but when i try to change in host settings and save settings attached error 1 appears
then i change web.config


then error 2 appears.

i didnt get what is the problem( note this also happen if i didnt change anything in host setting and just press save button )

i have the same problem with YAF 1.9.5 RC1 (downloaded from Sourceforge)
You are running YetAnotherForum.NET version 1.9.5 RC1 (Date: 10/5/2010).

The latest final version available is released 3/4/2011 .

You can download the latest version from here.

My environment is vs 2010 ,windows server 2003 sp2 and sql server 2005


i have another problem i upgrade from 1.9.3 to 1.9.5 RC1 in the SQL server database with its data can i return back to 1.9.3
12 years ago
You are running on a server that runs .NET 4 - in order to clear this error, you have to set the web.config to run page validation in Legacy mode - see the following topic:

YAF and .NET 4 
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11 years ago
Make sure you're using Visual Studio 2010.

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