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Sorry for another question.

I am just paying around changing themes.

I quite like the Yaf Pro one, but there seems to be some issue with the Forum Header (ABove where all the forums are listed.

I have attached a screenshot below.

It doubles up on the height of the repeating image. It seems to be because the "Last Post" header caption is wrapping onto a second line.

When I compare this to say, the Green Grey them, all the titles seem to be squashed to the right hand side forving the "Last Post" over two lines.

I have tried to see if I can resolve this in CSS or the page itself, but I cannot see what is going wrong.

If you could give me some guidance on how to resolve, that would be great.

Many thanks

smlemmon attached the following image(s):
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once a post is added it will adjust itself. I believe it is the % based widths on the cells.
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Perfect, thank you.

I have now added a post and all looks ok.



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