• rbernard
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11 years ago
I have a client that would like to use the forum as a question and answer board. They want their users to only be able to post new questions, and then only the admins would be allowed to post replies. I couldn't find a way of setting up the forum to allow for this. Any ideas?

  • Dr-Hack
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11 years ago
I think it can be achieved ...

If you check your Access Masks

"Forum » Administration » Access Masks"

There you can assign "True" to Post against "Member"

meanwhile set "False" to Reply ...

and make posts moderate , so that only the questions sort of posted are manually , moderated ..

I hope this should work out , cuz YAF rocks

  • lhatcher
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11 years ago
This is interesting. I will give it a go with something I am trying. Thank you very much :)