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11 years ago

http://www.Have2See.com  you will notice many small images, bigger than usual thumbnails, around the main frame with the forum. Each image has its own link that should be added in a separate window.

What if we get a new feature to:

1. Mark the thread/post that we want to be temporarily or permanently placed to the left or to the right panel with the appropriate link to this thread to get it in just one click? it will help the searching engines as well since we'll get more links to the hot content. On the other hand we should be able to mark the posts that we want to place to these areas. Why? We need to make sure that this post has the image that we would like to be shown. Also not all posts should be placed there. So a simple permission schema should be added to thsi solution to let Admins, Moderators, Members, etc. to mark these posts.

2. The current length of the form can be very long or very short depending on the number of forums and confguration. I realize that it's hard to get a real value on the client side in IE, but probably we'd better automate this feature to let the forum get an approximate length of all the links/shotos to avoid exceeding the required area. I guess it's doable but requires more steps on the client side to be written in JS.

3. Ideally these posts can be set as permanent links or get some timeout AND priority. The idea is simple, higher priority - higher to the top, lower - lower, and if exceeds the page length, then can be hid at all. Also if we can't bind these posts manually to the left/right panels then the forum should split them to show balanced on both sides.


I'm sure this idea will be supported by many people. And it will make this incredible forum even more popular, usable and convenient.