13 years ago
Hi, I have integrated yaf into an existing site I had and did the development/integration on my local dev machine. Once everything was tested and looked great, I ran the SQL dump/DDL onto the remote database (being the forums & users were already setup on the dev/local machine) including the data.

Problem is now when I point the connection string to the remote/deployment database, YAF thinks it's a new install and tries to run the installation wizard again. If I swap the conn string back to the dev database, the forum, etc... come up.

Anyway to get around this? IT should be simple enough to just copy the database and point the web to the new database no? Any help is appreciated.

A simplified sample scenario is just picture migrating YAF from server1 to server2... forum and users setup on server1 but when you point to server2 (with an exact dupe of server1 data and database) it tries to re-install which I don't want.

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