• Gofer01
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14 years ago
Does YAF version 1.9.3 have this Thanks option like the 1.9.4 beta does. If not I will wait to install version 1.9.4 whe it comes out of beta.

The Thanks option is cool. 🙂

  • bbobb
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14 years ago
It will be available beginning with 1.9.4 Beta4 only or you can use current svn.
  • Kamyar
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14 years ago
Thanks for your interest in the Thank mod Gofer01.
Actually, I have implemented the thanks mod first on Yaf 1.9.3 RC2. You can find out more Here .
And here is the implementation on yaf 1.9.3 Final. You can download it form Here .
Anyway, The latest svn build has several bug fixes and is improved in performance very effectively so I recommend you to upgrade to 1.9.4 when a stable release has been published.

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