14 years ago

I'm integrating YAF with my existing e-commerce website using asp.net membership framework. I got everything working.

The only problem is that my existing website uses customer e-mails as username and I can't display those e-mails in the forum.

Is there anyway to select user profile nickname instead yaf user table name column value as topic last post user or posts users?


- on SP yaf_topic_list: LastUserName = IsNull(c.LastUserName,(select Name from [dbo].[yaf_User] x where x.UserID=c.LastUserID))

- on SP yaf_topic_latest: LastUserName = IsNull(t.LastUserName,(select [Name] from [dbo].[yaf_User] x where x.UserID = t.LastUserID))

- on SP yaf_post_list: UserName = IsNull(a.UserName,b.Name)


14 years ago
Topic starter also displays user e-mail(on SP yaf_topic_list: Starter = IsNull(c.UserName,b.Name)).

Anyone knows how to display user profile nickname instead?? Is it possible?!

Aldo d'Aquino.
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