14 years ago
Hi all

I have a development database that has forums and categories all set up. However it is a separate database from my production websites full database. There are elements of these two databases that integrate with one another, so I want to have a single db for production.

I have setup a new db with the combined elements, all from scratch. But now I would like to migrate the forums and categories from the dev db to this new, empty YAF included db.

I have tried a simple export/import in sql, but this just buggers things up (to use a technical term). Is there a simple way to migrate the contents of Forums and Categories from one YAF database to a different YAF database?

If not, then I will just have to recreate the Categories and Forums. Tedious, but it works.



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14 years ago
Not sure why you went down that path tbh mate because your running the risk of getting something wrong and messing up your production/clean copy.
In my personal view its either backup your dev, transfer to production and restore. Or start clean.

Moving part of it; just causes me to shudder slightly.

Have you tried exporting as cvs the Categories and Forums, then reimporting. Though doing it this way you'll need to setup the permissions for the forums again, meaning editting each one (unless you pull those as well, and then you'd need groups). Hence the reason I really wouldn't advise you go down this path.


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14 years ago
I did the CSV thing and created havoc. I think starting clean is the only way to go.
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