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15 years ago
Ok guys I have been working on a problem all day trying to get YAF working with .NET 3.5 and my existing application.

There's nothing special about my application apart from the fact that it runs under .NET 3.5

I tried running YAF as a child application in IIS and configuring the membership and role proivders to use consume my application ones but that caused all sorts of config inheritence issues which really wern't even worth trying to resolve they were so numerous. Maybe it's because i'm using IIS.

Another solution that has been suggested is to have some content compile and other bits just compile on the fly, this isn't very helpful for me either since I have silverlight components in my CMS so I took it upon myself to integrate YAF completely in to the existing application.

I have read guides on wiki.yaf.net and read numerous threads about how simple this is to do but none of it worked for me and why ... because I'm using .net 3.5 !!!!

So here's how it works ...

1. Create a folder "yaf" / "forum" seem to be the suggested names within ur existing web app.
2. copy everything in the binary download as is in to this folder
3. move the "~/forum/app_code" folder contents to the root "~/app_code" folder and delete "~/forum/app_code"
4. repeat step 3 for bin folder.
5. merge configs as per guide notes on wiki / elsewhere here (sorry i go no link to hand - admin please insert 1)
6. Configure usage of your own providers (optional)

At this point you have the integrated stuff as it would work perfectly fine under .NET 2 but .NET 3.5 users will likely now experience an error relating to either the scriptmanager object / the assembly System.Web.Extensions

Solving this is relatively simple but a real kick in the teeth if u dont know what to look for.

ok ...

Download the yaf source.

open the project in VS and look through all the project refs replacing the existing refs for "System.Web.Extensions" to the 3.5 version since these point at the old 1.0.x version.

next go to the ajax toolkit project on codeplex and download version 3.5 of the toolkit.
repeat the referencing changes for this assembly in all projects in VS.

go in to the folder "/yetanotherforum.net/bin" and delete all the dll files labelled "YAF.*"
build the entire solution.

Something may fail but you should get all the dll files you need.

Copy these in to your application bin folder, build and run.

Congrats its all looking super sexy and you have a fully working .NET 3.5 solution !!!
I'm not staying up til 3 am this morning ... woohoo !!!

You can't run 2 versions of .NET within the same web app so it just bombs out giving you all sorts of versioning issues, the actuality being that its not ur code / config but the underlying dependencies that are in the wrong.

Hopefully this can help you guys do what just took me about 24 hours ... GAH !!!

Admins / Devs ...

If you read this feel free to edit in any links to relevant resouorces / existing guides (sorry i didn't have the links to hand)

all in all ...


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15 years ago
I'm glad you got it working, I wish I had known I could have probably helped you save some time with the write-up I posted here:


I tried to put it up on the Wiki but that thing is messed up, I couldn't get it to work.
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15 years ago


Typical !!!

... oh well, i got it workin sweet now, just trying to work out if i can get a bit more control on the layout so it "themes" in a similar manner to the rest of the application its embedded in.

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