15 years ago

I have integrated YetanotherForum.net into my web application.
I am using YAF-v1.9.3-BETA version.
I also use asp.net 2.0 membership and role providers for user management.
I have also set the yetanotherforum.net to use the same membership provider.

Whenever a new user is created, he is automatically assigned a 'user' role through my code.
In the forums --> administration --> roles,this role 'user' is linked to YAF.
When i edit this role, i have checked the option 'Is Start'.
So when a new user is registered in the web application, will Yetanother forum automatically put this role in the yaf_UserGroup table when he is browsing the foorum for the first time?

If not what is the actual procedure of new user registration outside the context of the YAF.
Should we manually assign this role from Administration » Users » Edit User "New User" » User Roles ?
or should we programatically add the role to YAF_Usergroup table also?

Please help me as i am totally stuck in this situation.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Sravan Kasyap K 🙂

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15 years ago
YAF will only add the user to the IsStart role if they are registered INSIDE the YAF program. YAF doesn't have any control to how you do registration outside it. If you register a user outside the app, it's your responsibility to add the user to the roles needed.

No need to worry about yaf_UserGroup. YAF will handle those details of syncing.
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