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15 years ago
Is it possible to set up three forums (or boards) and make them listen to three separate domains?
I would like to create three forums (or boards), three domains and have different styling and images to each.
The key is to have the same admin-system and admin-login for all three, but have three separate usergroups.

And I know that you can simply create three domains, three databases and three forums. But that's overkill and unnecessary. And it's not enough to have three separate categories either.
So any other ideas?

// Carl

15 years ago
to the best of my knowledge - you can.

you set up different boards so they use different .aspx file, and you set up the iis so that each domain "points to" the respective file.
... But trust me on the sunscreen!

test2005 wrote:

There not bugs(in YAF)...it's either un-defined features or exceptions to expected behavior!!

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15 years ago
Slight proviso in that you can't share the same admin in 1.93, because Membership providers are illsuited for that scenario.
I'm working with a similiar (subdomains) solution, well I will be once I've got the damn design done.


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15 years ago
Ok. That was my greatest fear.
But I get it how you use the same database at least, you use the boardid property in default.aspx.
Is there anything else I should know?
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