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14 years ago
I haven't seen anywhere this might be possible, but is there an option to prevent visitors from registering with certain usernames? We're not using "Administrator" as our head honcho user and I just noticed an attempted registration with that username. I deleted it (it never went through), but I'd like to be able to prevent anyone from registering with that user in the first place (similarly, we wouldn't want people trying to register as something that would indicate they're associated with the company).

If it's not an option, it would definitely be a handy one.


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14 years ago
I'm Agree,

or if someone code it , plz share~

14 years ago
I think that the quickest and easiest temporary solution is to register your self the accounts you don't want anyone to use.
If you want to prevent fraud, create a group "Staff" and make it well known that only the people from that group are legit.
... But trust me on the sunscreen!

test2005 wrote:

There not bugs(in YAF)...it's either un-defined features or exceptions to expected behavior!!

14 years ago
Agreed...I do this trick myself and it works a treat!!!

Great minds and such....


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14 years ago

I'm very new to YetAnotherForum. I would love to see a way to block user names/domain names, i.e., known spammer e-mail addresses. This feature would be very VERY helpful in limiting the amount of bogus accounts created...

Thanks for reading :)

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