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Many forums have an external topic moderation ability. For example, User X has posted 10 spam topics in forum Y. Ideally, while in the forum itself (not in the topic, in moderation, or in admin) I would like to click a "delete" button on the side each topic. Although, my personal favorite is a check box next to each topic I wish to delete. Once all the topics are selected, I then select "Delete" from a drop-down menu somewhere on the page and click a button (normally titled "Go" ) which then brings up a popup box that asks me if I'm sure I want to delete the selected topics.

Basically what I am proposing is a checkbox next to each topic and a dropdown and button somewhere on the page that supports modifying topics: Sticky, Announcement, Delete, Hide (require approval), Show (approve), Normal, Lock, Unlock

Instead, in YAF one must modify each topic internally by editing the first post. I find this quite time consuming and frustrating :(

It would also be nice to have a button that hides (require approval) and shows (approve) each post in case a moderator has questions for the administration about the contents of a post inside the topic itself.

On a positive note, I like the progression of YAF so far, I believe it has the potential to be great :)

EDIT: I can photoshop something if need be

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