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Hello all,
Seems like this questions have been asked couple times before, but I think I have a different situation. I'm not using asp.net Membership provider, I've built my own tables that holds user' information such as Username/password/email/name/location/url, etc... I also have another table that assign roles to member. I need all these information to keep tracks of user's activities and they are dealing with e-commerce stuffs as well. So to keep the long story short: How do I integrate YAF' user with my user to have single sign-on?

Basically, I imagine something like this: When a user account is created, it can be created using YAF page, but during the insert, it also insert the same info to my own table (username/password, and some other info., I'm not sure about how to sync the user' level though.) Then they can be logged in either from my website's main page or from the forum.

With that:
1. What pages that I need to modify/copy to do the insertion to different tables.
2. How YAF password got encrypted, so that I can use the same encryption to insert to my table? I'm using MD5 for my site right now.
3. What session do I need to assign so that user only need to login once?

Thanks again and I'm sorry if some of my questions has been asked.

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Well, just a head up 🙂 I've dropped all my user tables and uses YAF user tables completely. With the help of YAFblend, I can get the user' info (ID, name, details, etc...) and pass it in my other tables when needed! Very cool.


If Jaben and the crew ever get v1.9.3 done, all this work on blending will be a "tall tale" for developer night! Kinda like "..remember in Windows 3.1..". EEWWWWW...just gave myself shivers!! :shock:


.....the man in black fled across the desert..........and the gunslinger followed.....
Oh that sounds great. That would save me the effort of integrating with ASP.NET Membership myself. Any idea w when 1.9.3 is hitting the streets?

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