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I only can guess that you somehow downloaded the wrong version.


Originally Posted by: tha_watcha 

Sorry, that's the one I use... 😞

I download, copy the files to the installation and try to run /forum/install as I have done earlier too...

And it shows me: Upgrade Version: YAF.NET v2.2.2 BETA 20150525 (58)

Tried to update using the upgrade package, but it reverted the installed 2.2.3 beta to 2.2.2 beta when I ran the /install... 😕

Originally Posted by: tha_watcha 

Where it tells 2.2.2? in the install wizard or in the footer?

Originally Posted by: JP 


In the upgrade wizard, in admin version check & the footer...


Tried to update using the upgrade package, but it reverted the installed 2.2.3 beta to 2.2.2 beta when I ran the /install... 😕
I'm doing the rest of my site in ASP.Net MVC, but as long as I can have YAF more or less integrated into the site regarding security & user logins I'm fine with the current forum software even if it takes some page design effort to make it look seamless...

I run a forum with thousands of users, about 2500-3000 unique visitors/day and it stands up very well regarding performance.

Regarding webforms, in the corporate world there is still a lot of new development made in webforms since there is a lot of time, money and effort put into it, just like YAF, so developer love for the MVC model is a personal dream and not a standard yet. However, spanking brand new web application projects are of course most likely orientated towards the MVC design pattern in the corporate world too.

I've looked at the MVCForum project, but it's not quite up to the standards of YAF (yet).

This is a very basic question indeed, but I need help to make a basic custom BBCode for my forum...

I have tried myself, but since I'm too stupid to figure it out - I even managed to mess up quoting in the forum... 😊 😁

What I want to do is to refer to an external product link from a product id within the BBCode tags...

Like this:

Should act like:
<a href="http://www.company.com/products/lawnmowers/37017">37017</a>

The product id could be like "3701", "B126-2", "RC3514" as examples...

Any help would be very much appreciated indeed...

I have never done this, and I suck on RegEx so I would need the Search & Replace Regexes as well as additional info regarding the fields to fill in when in the Add BBcode dialog...

Would be a slight improvement indeed to have paging in active discussions to keep the page size down & neat looking...

Have 60 "active discussions" set myself to cover 24 hrs of active topics (of course varies with day to day activity)...

Would maybe be better to limit the display to eg max 10 + paging or such up to a max limit...

I see it more like a "nice to have" than "must have" right now...

I agree with you that it should be a configurable option if possible. This option existed in the old Snitz Classic ASP forum software I used before moving to YAF.
Yep, you are right...

I took a closer look and found that this is what did the trick for me to separate the "Edited by" from the message text with horisontal spacing and make it less "intrusive"...

It was some year(s) ago, so please forgive me for not remembering it 100% correctly today... 😁

.yafnet .MessageDetails {color: #505050; font-weight:normal; font-size: 9pt;padding-top: 30px;} 
There is no forum setting for this, but you could maybe hide it cosmetically with CSS..

In your theme.css file, find the editedinfo class...

If it's not there, add it as shown below. Otherwise edit it so it looks as below.

.yafnet .postfooter .editedinfo {

Hope this helps.

Topic: Problem
Well, what I have done is to use the same IIS machine key for my site & the forum application and this seems to keep the session regarding credentials...

I have an .Net MVC site with the forum as a stand-alone application on the site, but login credentials is carried across...