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I'm attempting to compile it for .NET Framework 4.6.1.

Some things like omu value injector are outdated and require a changed forum code - they simply don't fit into a new version.

Ingo, is it possible to update outdated libraries?

It's very difficult to fit in when you have it integrated into something, and the something works with 4.6.1 only by a reason.

Another question to Ingo: when a new release that runs with .NET Framework 4.6.1 or 4.6.2 is being planned. How many months?


Sorry, I'm too much of a YAF-noob to spot why that is an error, where to find it, and what to change it to. Can you be a bit more specific of what I need to copy and paste to where? Also my C# isn't that good; it isnt my first language.

Originally Posted by: salimander 

You need to run the sql script I have posted. If something can be fixed it will be fixed without you. It's just required to spot the place, because it normally can't be reproduced.

bbobb: what might the solution to that be?

Originally Posted by: salimander 

Most probaly, this piece of code causes the problem. At least, after this it will be clear where exactly the problem is.

if (prevVersion < 49)


// Reset The UserBox Template

this.Get().UserBox = Constants.UserBox.DisplayTemplateDefault;



what is

select * from yaf_registry where name = ' versionname' ?

or execute this: select * from registry_list('versionname')

You should set your db prefixes into the object names. like dbo.yaf_registry list.

 // Check if BaskeUrlMask is set and if not automatically write it
                    if (this.Get<YafBoardSettings>().BaseUrlMask.IsNotSet())
                        this.Get<YafBoardSettings>().BaseUrlMask = BaseUrlBuilder.GetBaseUrlFromVariables();

The process was failing here. BaseUrlMask was required to spot the initial error place.

It's clear from the snippet that BaskeUrlMask is/was used to override the registry board setting.

Try to set "YAF.BaseUrlMask" in app.config. It will not necessarily would solve the problem, but will allow to spot the origin.

Anyway, it's a very strange piece of code where the class is being cast to the base class it was inherited. from.


I will post the stack trace if needed

Originally Posted by: salimander 

Surely, it's needed.

YAF has a host setting disabling the login panel.
You need to delete BoardUID column.

The column should be deleted later in update scripts. I don't understand why it exists.

I don't have time to look into current yaf update scripts, but the simple solution should help.

I can say from problems type you have - there is something wrong with update logic,

If you will encounter similar problems further you should contact a YAF developer to fix the update logic in YAF source code.

Hopefully, you have made a back-up.