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Same issue just cropped up today with no changes made by myself. Will see what I can find out.

Topic: YAF Blows
Gather the villagers and grab the pitch forks...
Topic: YAF Blows
Hmm my troll senses are tingling.

Looks like a bug at present in checking whether its a new install or upgrade. Will update back for anyone else having this issue.

Horrible workaround is as follows:

Take note of Version in YAF_Registry table.

Upgrade YAF to 1.9.55.

Set Version in YAF_Registry back to the noted value.

Run through the upgrade process again and this time Migrate User should be a step in the upgrade process.

Perform Migrate User upgrade and finish.

Entries should now be in the YAF_Prov_Membership tables...

Edit: The above should no longer be needed now due to the fact that the database was in SQL2000 compatibility mode. YAF requires 2005 or later.


Because your running .net 4.0? Thats why?
Are you using email validation on signup? Thinking that yaf_checkmail is probably the store for the hash for this. Though anyone can disagree with this; haven't looked at the code.

So you could try wiping all pending users and then performing the update.

Would be worth checking to see whats in the yaf_CheckEmail table anyhow....

Hello neigbour,

Roll back the database to before you've done the upgrade. Ensure you are using v191-upgrade-web.config rename to web.config.

In the installer there is a section which says it is performing its migration to the membership (can't remember the exact phrasing) but it is an additional step within the installer.

Depending on what version you've upgraded form; it may benefit to do a intemediary upgrade.

Wait a min; thats not me on the list :p

Check for a javascript error; think this is entirely related to the Thanks code being place in Page_Load and not Pre-Render on DisplayPost.ascx.cs. If it is, we've just fixed this for the next version.