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If you read the whole article it also says that while the standard has changed to allow it, its still not 100% compatible, since I am sure stability is a priority it still matters.
I think bbobb was saying that it is hard to tell what the problem really is since you didn't post a detailed error log, or turn off custom errors. Sure he, or someone, could tell you how to delete the post, but that might not solve the issue that caused the problem in the first place, leading to more

errors. Edit your web.config and turn custom errors to Off, instead of On, and then go to the post again, paste the results here. Make sure to turn

custom errors back On when you finish.

Not sure what you did, ir maybe I misunderstand, but YAF works fine in a sub folder.
Well, when I first read this I wasn't sure if you were just flaming or actually asking for help. Then I noticed you had 1 post. So if you have been trying to solve this for "months" why did you just now post on the forum? Your first post request for help being "RAWR I'M AN ANGRY GUY, FIX MY PROBLEM OR I'LL RUN OFF TO SOMETHING EASIER! YOU SUCK, I HATE YOU!" doesn't really help solve the issue your having.

Calm down, explain the "Errors" your having during the upgrade process, tell us more about your setup, what OS, are you hosting yourself or via someone else, these things will actually allow people to HELP you rather than instantly want to ignore you. As it stands you don't give enough information for anyone to help you, except maybe the folks who wrote the code, and your approach isn't likely to make them very excited to hop into your problem.

Though I am guessing from your first post this isn't likely to matter to you, but people here do want to help, and are more than willing to do so. Remember, these guys aren't getting paid to come here and help solve the problems people have.

Forgot to mention this is the bin version, not the source.
I decided it would just be easier to compile it myself and starter from there. Everything is

working splendidly so far and I really like the new features so far.

I use this method, but I disallow everything, works well. Not sure about being selective.
I think I recall one of the dev's saying there is a function to track mail debugging in the logs, but the code isn't compiled with the feature on. I will give the forum a look to see where that thread is when I have a bit more time when I am not at work, but if you use the search feature you might find it yourself.
I have a fairly small user base (20 some odd people) and we haven't had any issues with missing email notifications, I suppose it could be a load issue if your getting a lot of posts, but with the size and activity we have that wouldn't be an issue for us. All users on our board, are however, set to receieve for all boards/posts, whereas perhaps yours are not. I don't see anything that stands out with your mail.conf, but there are more experienced folk who might catch something. Good luck in tracking down your problem.
Just a suggestion, but if your modding the code I think the web install option is fairly old, might want to pick up the source/bin from the new nightly builds.