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Topic: yaf calendar
Great job tha_watcha! And super fast. Now I'm pretty sure you have a presian root. 😝

The only problem I encountered is that Farsi Library cannot Convert 1/1/1 to persian date. So line 530 of Contols/EditUserProfile.ascx should check if the user has specified a birthdate or not:

&& this.UserData.Profile.Birthday != DateTime.MinValue

Otherwise, AFAICS it's working like a charm.

Yaf is probably the first international open source project which officially supports Persian (Shamsi/Jalali) calendar thanks to you guys. Just last month I got 3 requests to make yaf support Farsi calendar.

Devs and CMS designers are gonna love you. :cheesy:

One more thing: The Album image selector hangs on loading indicator if the user has no albums. Anyway nice to see more of albums in action. Pretty neat Ingo.

Update: One more place is pages/admin/admin.ascx line 386:

this.BoardStart.Text = this.GetText("ADMIN_ADMIN", "DAYS_AGO").FormatWith(this.Get<YafBoardSettings>().UseFarsiCalender ? PersianDateConverter.ToPersianDate(row["BoardStart"].ToString()) : row["BoardStart"], days);
Topic: yaf calendar
Woah... yaf has become lightning fast. I was really shocked to see the performance improvement.

And nice job with Persian calendar Ingo. I doubted if you're Persian :)

I have encountered 3 issues when testing the solution. All in Yaf.Core/Services/YafDateTime.cs:

Line 103, 167, 284: pass `dateTime` instead of `strDateTime`. In cases when the culture is changed, the `PersianDateConverter` class cannot parse `strDateFormat`.

Also, unfortunately jQuery UI has not implemented Persian calendar correctly (Profile=>Birthday). an Iranian developer has corrected the .js file but it's gonna take some effort to implement it (check if we should use persian calendar in `controls/EditUserProfile.ascx`, then register .js file instead of jquery ui default calendar, then convert back the selected date which is in persian format (e.g. 1390/02/02) to gregorian.

And I'm doubtful if this is in team's plan to take care of jquery ui's mistake. Anyway, I'll be glad to look into it if we plan to try it.

I'll continue looking for issues about persian calendar and will post the updates here.

It's good to be here again. :)

Topic: yaf calendar
Hey folks. Nice to see yaf improving day by day. Great job and I miss being here a lot. I'm downloading the latest change set to check FarsiCalendar.

I'll send updates here.

Just Perfect. Thanks for sharing.

is there any distribution or patch which is using Persian calender (shamsi or hijri) ???

"malekmakan" wrote:

Not at the moment. I'm really trying to find some time to implement it. Also, The themes need to become RTL, and enhanced for Farsi support (using Font-Face or at least change all fonts to "Tahoma" ), Some changes should be made in Rich text editors, And surely, the Farsi language file is out of date and needs update.

yaf.net's source is very massive but very well written and changing the code is not hard if you're a dev. Ingo has put you on the right track. Otherwise, I'll be starting the fully Persian version in a couple of weeks. You're welcome to cooperate if you'd like.

P.S. nice to see you two Ingo and Vladimir. Say Hi to Jaben :-d

Topic: YAF w/MVC 3?
Hmm, Basically I agree with you Vladimir.

I feel more comfortable with Webforms right now and there's no doubt rewriting to MVC takes a hell of a lot work and will probably be buggy for some time.

But you know, It's like there has been an MVC paradigm in most of open source projects and I think at least it's necessary to discuss about it.

But as I said, performance and functionality should be the first things to consider.

Topic: YAF w/MVC 3?

I would like YAF to have an MVC option, yes. MVC is pretty awesome and it's way easier to test out of the box.

But it's really about what the community wants. YAF is a community project.

Anyone have any thoughts? Are people already using MVC instead of Webforms?

Jaben wrote:

Well, From what we've seen of Microsoft in the last couple of years, it seems like MVC is the future of web programming under .Net Framework.

It could make YAF more light-weight and also make TDD a breeze.

Do you suggest to have a MVC version of YAF along with a Webforms version? or switch to MVC completely?

You did a great job folks. Yaf's expanding very fast. And in the right direction.

Thanks for noting me Jaben.

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