Posted by: Whitterz - Monday, 26 October 2009 05:35:55
Hey Guys, I have just had some problems with my forum, and now had to reinstall them, But i managed to keep the members, but not their passwords. Anyhow, I am now on 1.9.3 But my emails are taking ages to send, and this doesnt help, when I have people clicking lost password, and not recieving anything. Can anyone help? I am on godaddy hosting, my emails are sending, but like 24hours later? Thanks Danny

Posted by: Whitterz - Monday, 26 October 2009 20:37:03
When i Click send email. it Says Mail Queued And then takes a long time to come through Any Ideas ??

Posted by: Whitterz - Monday, 2 November 2009 11:53:33
Anybody....I could do with some help here???

Posted by: Mek - Monday, 2 November 2009 14:01:41
Your SMTP settings are very likely to be wrong; Godaddy settings are stickied somewhere I believe.

Posted by: Whitterz - Monday, 2 November 2009 17:44:06
Hi Mek, I have used them with no luck =(

Posted by: logan - Monday, 2 November 2009 18:29:46
I use the following in mail.config running 1.9.4 beta on Godaddy. Have you looked in the Event Log for email send errors. I do get errors from Emailtopic but othewise everything sends, usually recieve mail within 15 seconds. [code] [/code] Use a email address that is linked to your domain, YOUREMAIL@YOURGODADDYDOMAIN.??? I tried setting up Gmail a while ago but could never get everything to work. alot of 5.7.1. denial errors.