Posted by: crusader - Sunday, 26 July 2009 10:33:30
Hi there! I have an issue with the install of YAF 1.9.3 with .NET 3.5 I will install the YAF in a Subdomain, such as http://forum.domain.tld What have i to do to get this to work? When i open the Site i get an Runtime Error. The web.config file is the default. Do i have to edit something because of the Subdomain? This is my db.config. Is there something wrong? [code] [/code] Do i have to edit the app.config file anywhere, because i read the install.txt and there is something about the Root Config. If you need more Infos, just say it. :wink: Btw: I can't open the /install/default.aspx, there is the Runtime Error, too. Thanks in advance! Regards Crusader

Posted by: Jaben - Sunday, 26 July 2009 13:31:27
What is the exact error? http://wiki.yetanotherforum.net/TroubleShooting%20CustomErrors.ashx

Posted by: crusader - Sunday, 26 July 2009 15:04:07
I installed it new with .Net 2 and now it works. :wink: