Posted by: Labuji - Sunday, 11 September 2011 07:17:18
Hello Everyone :!: I’m currently using version YAF 1.9.5 RC1 and having problem with Registration Confirmation Email. I got it running on Win 2k3 with ISA 2006. I got publishing rule that listens on port 80 (External) and redirects request to port 8888 (Internal). Where I got the following names for the site: :arrow: Internal Name: TestForum.Domain.Local :arrow: Public Name: TestForum.Domain.Com I got link translation enabled (translates TestForum.Domain.Local:8888 to TestForum.Domain.Com) in publishing rule, so images and links on users post created by local users (internal), become accessible to external users browsing at TestForum.Domain.Com without problem (all translates fine). But confirmation mail sent (user’s registration) still points to TestForum. Domain.Local:8888. (Not translated) I tried forwarding original host headers in publishing rules, with link translation enabled and disabled, but nothing seemed to work. Here’s what I got: :arrow: With link translation on, mail points to TestForum.Domain.Local:8888 and the rest works fine. :arrow: Without link translation, mail points to TestForum.Domain.Com:8888 (correct address, wrong port) and images and links posted by local users all screwed up (externally). Can someone help me point confirmation mail to external name (TestForum.Domain.Com) properly? Thanks in advance. [thumbup]

Posted by: jaobpham - Monday, 3 October 2011 11:33:51
hi Labuji, Sorry, I don't know

Posted by: Labuji - Tuesday, 4 October 2011 11:14:53
thanks for the reply, i solved it already, just need to restart application or restart pc for sure.