Posted by: Dimi - Saturday, 16 April 2011 21:34:44
[center][size=8][b]Daily Digest - Feature Request List[/b][/size][/center] 1. I have already written in another post - we need 2 custom HTML fields at the very top of each digest email message and at the very bottom. 1 - to insert some HTML header including logo that can be taken as a link, plus some custom info entered by Admin. The bottom - actually it should be right above the UNSUBSCRIBE link - to enter some additional info when required. 2. How do we get the messages into Daily Digest? I'm sure we don't keep the ID of the message that has already been sent in the previous digest to skip it. As I feel how it works now - we simply grab all the messages using the Daily Digest frequency option taken in hours and grab all the messages that get into this interval between DateTime.Now and DateTime.Now - Hours. It's much better if we could keep the message ID numbers of the messages that have already been sent in the previous digest. It will let us avoid duplicates. That's what I'm seeing now. 3. Custom time would be really great! Instead of sending all the messages at 5AM or whatever we'd better set our own time, say, 7PM. It will be not only more convenient for scheduling the tasks but also will distinguish all the forums located on one server. It's critical, especially if we're using a virtual hosting with multiple users on one server using same physical mail server. In addition the says of week would be great! Say, I'd like these digests to be sent only on Tue/Thu/Sat or something like that, or all days excluding weekends... But that will work only if the feature ^2 is correctly implemented, or we'll start losing messages. 4. We need a way to exclude some forums from been used in the DailyDigests. I'm not only talking about NNTP forums, it was my very first idea, but there can be some unmoderated or free "general-talk" forums with no registration and we'd better avoid sending these messages from these forums with DailyDigests. [i]to be continued...[/i]

Posted by: Dimi - Sunday, 17 April 2011 08:45:57
There are two more things, sorry, forgot to mention in my first posting. 1. When YAF generates a Daily Digest it takes the message text and strips all the tags and BB Codes out. At the first view it should be good. But if we look deeper we can simply notice that the Digest has a title of the message written with the same font as the main message and with no comma of course. It looks terrible. At least it should be converted to a HTML code. It should be pretty good for the Digest since it will keep the original formatting. Also it can be done optional and if it doesn't work as we expected it should return back to the original schema - stripping out. 2. Similar to 1^. All the links and especially youtube links look weird. But we could probably do the same - replace the tags with the right HTML ones to show these videos right inside email message. Just an idea...Or we can simply skip these links shortening them.

Posted by: boban984 - Thursday, 21 April 2011 12:45:58
what is Daily Digest?

Posted by: Dimi - Thursday, 21 April 2011 18:24:51
[quote=boban984;49463]what is Daily Digest?[/quote] Well, if you don't know it then you probably do't need it. :) Go to [b]Admin => Users and Roles => Digest => Generate Digest[/b] Although the auto scheduled sending still doesn't work in But we're hoping to get an updated version soon. You can manually generate your digests and then forward them if you wish.