Posted by: dalede - Thursday, 13 May 2010 13:20:15
Hello All, I setup YAF for the first time last evening. Things seem to be going well. I would however like to require Email Verification AND Admin approval before promoting a new user to "register user" . I did find the toggle switch to require Email verification but cant seem to find an option to requre a final admin approval ... Is there such an option? Thanks... Dale

Posted by: cwmoor0 - Monday, 7 June 2010 16:19:42
I have the same question

Posted by: Jaben - Monday, 7 June 2010 18:14:48
Create an "Unapproved" role in YAF. Assign the "Is Start" flag to that role (and remove from the "Registered" role). Make the unapproved role have the same forum permissions (Access Masks) as the Guest role. Set the email setting in the Board Settings so when a user registers it emails you to notify. When they register search for "Unapproved" users in the user editor and change them to Registered role manually (if you want to approve them).

Posted by: cwmoor0 - Tuesday, 8 June 2010 20:13:39
Thanks...that worked

Posted by: Jaben - Wednesday, 9 June 2010 22:58:16
http://www.yetanotherforum.net/blog/post/2010/06/09/Screencast-How-to-setup-a-private-admin-approved-forum.aspx Video to help with the setup. Sort of low quality.

Posted by: asavasamuel - Wednesday, 20 March 2013 18:41:04
Here is a good .net component to verify email addresses: http://www.kellermansoftware.com/p-37-net-email-validation.aspx