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14 years ago

I am new to YAF.

I installed YAF 1.9.3 today and few issues that i am facing are as follows.

I installed it on godaddy Windows hosting using Godaddy Value Applications.

1. If i enable email verification, the email goes to the user but when the user clicks on the link in the email it redirect it to the login page and then user is not able to login even if i put correct id & password.

but if i am logged in with another id and then i click on verification link, then the verification works.

2. When i click on forgot password on the login page, i get redirected to login page again and once i login then only i see the forgot password page.

So the user is unable to verify for registration and also unable to access forgot password unless they are logged in. user should be able to access these 2 features even without logging in.

The browsers i tried this on is Mozilla Fire Fox 3.6 and Safari 4.0.4

I checked few other post which seemed old and said this issue is resolved, so not sure if i am doing something wrong or its the system problem.

My SMTP setting's are fine as the mails are going out.

Thanks for your help.

  • cwmoor0
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14 years ago
I have the same issue