• Greg321
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14 years ago
I am currently working on creating a forum section for my existing website. I got YAF up and running by itself easy enough. I like the application and want to integrate it into my site.

I would like members who are already logged into my site to seemlessly click on the forum section and still be logged in. I read the instructions on how to do this, but the instructions tell you to change this file IForumUser.cs which does not exist. Are these instructions for an older version of YAF or am I missing something here?

  • surieux
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14 years ago
Hello Greg,

I am on the same problem as you and got it running at 90%.

My membership provider is accepted but I had also to install my role provider because yaf role provider is not looking in same db as my membership.

I have also to keep YafProfileProvider because it seems to be hardcabled into actual 1.9.4 code.

Hope this help.