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14 years ago
I posted a request for this in the added features, but in the meantime I'd like to get the site setup so that users can login with their email address, instead of their username. Lots of the users on my site have spaces and other characters in their name, that are not easily remembered.

To start, I added a stored procedure that takes a string (email address) as a parameter, and returns a string (username). I've added a helper class that executes the stored procedure, so that I can access it in the login user control. The goal, was to call this method when the user logs in, to swap the email address with the username, and then continue on with the authentication process. My problem is, in the code behind for the user control, I can't tell where it actually passes the credentials in for authentication. In other words, during the post back, where is the last point I can modify the username before it gets passed in for authentication?

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14 years ago
I like this idea, hope it will be possible to let the user choose between ID or email to login.