15 years ago
This is my first time with YAF.

I have had several teething problems today but so far, I have managed to resolve them with either intuition or ideas from this forum.

Here is the first error that I just haven't been able to fix.

When a user tries to register they are sent the verification email. However, when they follow the link they are told:

"Failed to validate email"

Here is what they see in the email:

You have requested to join Historical Wargames, but before you can join your email address must be verified. 

To verify your email address open the following link in your web browser: 


Your approval key is: 6580F3253D31BF93DF47DF42D7E6EA2E 

Visit Historical Wargames at http://historical-wargames.com/forum/default.aspx?g=forum

When I registered with this forum, I went through the same process as a new user. I noticed that the link was different. i.e. rather than linking to default.aspx, it links to yaf_approve.aspx

To verify your email address open the following link in your web browser:

Your approval key is: 29AF21F9C23BC8B95281BFF1A4616326 

Visit Yet Another Forum.NET at http://forum.yetanotherforum.net/

I don't have this file. So I possibly have the wrong version ? If that is so, I would rather fix the version I have rather than download a new one.

For your information. I have version 1.93 on a .NET 3.5 server

Many thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

By the way, I have two further errors I plan to seek help with. However, I thought I would take it one bug at a time.

Thanks again


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15 years ago
Make sure "EnableUrlRewriting" is "false" in your app.config file. yaf_approve.aspx isn't a file -- it's url-rewriting for Search Engine Optimization purposes. You must have turned it on while playing with the forum.
15 years ago

Many thanks for your reply.

I discovered today that the problem had "gone away".

Although I am happy that the problem has gone, I don't like 'intermitent'. It suggests that it might come back.

However, I will count my blessings and move on to my next error.

I get an error when I try and log out.

But I will post that seperately.

PS: EnableURLRewriting was set to false

Once again.

Many thanks for your repy.

I AM grateful