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14 years ago
GoDaddy and YAF - Upgrade or install manually?

which is better, and is any of them even possible?

i've been trying to upgrade my installed (using GoDaddy Apps) YAF for 5 hours now and i'm just about to lose my mind. searching through the net and this forum came up with bits and pieces that don't add up. i'd be delighted to hear if someone actually succeeded?

on the other hand, i can't seem to manually install a fresh copy as well (i'm not an idiot, i did it in other servers). does godaddy has something against not using their own installation?

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14 years ago
From your post it sounds like this is a new install, and if you don't have a database that you need to upgrade I would opt for the new install myself. I'd delete everything associated with the old YAF installation, except I'd keep the configuration string for the database connection so you don't have to try to figure it out later. Personally I'd drop the installed database too, the recreate a clean one using the same database name. Then you can follow the installation directions and everything should work just fine.

If you encounter specific errors post here and I'll try to help, as will others I'm sure.

And BTW I do have a current 1.9.3 YAF running (well) on a Godaddy hosting server. I know for sure that it will work.

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14 years ago
IdanC123... can you be more specific about your problems? Maybe then we can assist a little more.