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15 years ago
Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to integrate YAF in a subfolder for an existing MVC App?

I spent a good few hours lat night following the integration documentation and got nowhere. There was error after error and after a few hours my laptop crashed, I lost all what I had done and basically got put off.

However I think YAF looks to be a fantastic product and would love to use it.

Does anyone here have a quick way to go about integrating into an mvc app while keeping YAF in a subdirectory?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


14 years ago
Don't even bother, YAF can not make their forum work under an standard existing website, putting MVC in the picture is just ludicrous, it will never happen, better develop your own forum (like me...)
  • imukai
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14 years ago

As others would no doubt point out, it is possible to get this forum package working under an existing website. You would be encouraged to post about your specific situation as there is no cut-and-dry solution for what amounts to unique circumstances (i.e. what works for one person might not work for another, etc). This is a very friendly developer community willing to help those that want help. If you just want to bash the efforts of the developers, perhaps you should save us the time of reading your posts.


I am not aware of any MVC installations, and I am just now personally reading up on the technology so cannot comment as to whether it is possible. I'm certain if it is possible to do without a re-write, one of the devs here will make it happen and post about it. I'd say keep an eye on the forums.

If you yourself figure out how to make it work under a MVC site, then please post about it. :cheesy: