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15 years ago
I've just installed the forum and it works ok so far. I would really like to control who I add to the forum and write my own process for this. I would, of course, remove the Register link.

I noticed the yaf_prov_Membership table has encrypted fields for password and such and yaf_User table has the ProviderUserKey encrypted. Is there an easy way to alter this application so everything is in plain text?

Thank you.

15 years ago
Actually i want to do that, can someone help us please? 🙂
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15 years ago
You can remove the Register Link in the host options, by logging in as host admin.

In 1.93 you can set the membership provider (edit web.config) passwordFormat settings to "Clear". However you really do have a duty when building a community to safe guard peoples data; The membership providers make it easy for you to do this without having to bother to much with what encryption is being used. Clear passwords make me feel euchy.


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