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15 years ago
I am having a problem with setting up my stmp in the mail.config (I am using 1.9.3 RC2)

At the moment it looks like this:

This ofcourse is not working and in the log I get the following error:

System.InvalidOperationException: The SMTP host was not specified.

at YAF.Classes.Utils.SendMailThread.SendMailThreaded(Int32 uniqueId)

No big surprise.

But then I try to change the mail config to something like this:

network host="xxx" port="25" password="xxx" userName="xxx" /

And then I get this error:

System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: The configuration section cannot contain a CDATA or text element. (C:\websites\yep-online\yaf\YetAnotherForum.NET\mail.config line 5)

at YAF.Classes.Utils.SendMailThread.SendMailThreaded(Int32 uniqueId)

I would prefer to just use localhost and have there fore also tried cutting it all way down.

Complete mail.config:

network host="localhost" port="25" password="" userName=""

but I still get the same error.

I have no clue as to how to set this up, can some one help me?

PS. I have tried to search this forum a lot for an answer with no luck :(

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15 years ago
missing < >

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15 years ago
Thank you so much... this really bugged me 🙂
12 years ago

missing < >

Originally Posted by: logan 

Thank you very much, I'd been wacking my head with this. for almost a day.

Fuck you r6GC

Chetan Bavarva
7 years ago
You need to change in web.config

        <network host="hostName" port="port" enableSsl="true|false" password="your real password" userName="your real userName" />       

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