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15 years ago
Hi guys,

I have YAF setup on a test server. At first it didn't work.

I set it up on my local machine and it was working fine after compiling. I published this code to the test server and setup everything the same on IIS.

It still didn't work. Every time I tried to login or register, I was given a message saying I didn't have access. I eventually with the help of our lead developer tracked the problem down to the way our test environment is setup.

If we run it on the default website on port 80 it works fine. We can access via http://servername/yaf/

However, if we plug it into the website that we will be using it on, we get an issue as it is setup on another port on the server. So we are trying to access it from http://servername:xx/yaf/ where xx is the port number.

I was wondering is there a known work around for this issue? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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15 years ago
Hi brian,

I also have experienced issues when using a different port number, although my environment is setup differently. I publish to an internal 'dev' server which serves port 80 ... but I expose it externally through port '56789' using my firewall's NAT.

Personal Website:


Dev Site:


The only problem I've experienced is when a user selects an avatar from the collection, it's only displayed correctly if the user is internal (http://dev). Although I've never tried the install process externally, there may be issues with that to.

I'm thinking the solution would require many code changes, so I think you're best off modifying your environment. Can you publish it to a virtual directory under port 80?


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15 years ago
Thanks, I sent that round to the development and administration teams here and we will review it and see if it fixes our problem.

The only thing is our site is quite large and has been running for almost a decade now. We want to put this into the existing site and embed it on an existing page and template if possible. We will also be integrating with an existing login system if possible.

We are aware that this may take some development time and we'd prefer to make it as easy for ourselves as possible to work with the existing infrastructure.

We can try this but if there are any other suggestions, we'd also like to hear them.

Our development environment is on an internal network on a test server. We then will be publishing to our hosting centre which we have a VPN connection to. I send your suggestion around to our internal mailing lists and I think the teams will need to have a meeting to determine how they can implement it with the least amount of hassle.