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15 years ago
hello, I am a newbie to YAF.

I've integrated YAF to my website, it is great, i love it!

however, I have a concern over the memory usage of YAF, it seems to use SessionState to store variable, am I right or wrong?

it seems like whenever I log someone into YAF, it eats another 10+ memory...

emm.. any advise?????? my godaddy Virtual Dedicated host only has 512mb of RAM and the OS eats about 250mb already.

it will be nice if there is another version of YAF where it uses minimal memory. (and I can stand a little bit of the slowness)

is there any way to tweak the memory usage of YAF? or is it possible to make the SessionState to be storage in SQL? (would someone advise how to configure that if possible.) is it possible to use ViewState instead of SessionState? (even tho it is slower)

also, would someone advise is there a way to limit the amount of space used in the databse? or what is a good way to do it? thanks.

thanks in advanced.

YAF is COOL!!!