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16 years ago
I was just wondrering if the new version of YAF has addressed the scoring system or points system. I am desperate for a forum that I can customize the scoring points system and create a nice rewards system for my users. I was told the current system I have Powered by Yet Another Forum.net version (NET v2.0) - 3/29/2008 does not have the ability to do that. It is even failing to track the post count properly.

If you have any information for me regarding this issue I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for all that you do, I love the product, I'm just eager to get the next upgrade that will address these issues for me. Hopefully you already have!:-d



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16 years ago
Point were not touched yet in 1.9.3 and it'll remain so as there is already plenty of new features to polish out and also lot of redesign/refactoring involved. Point/credit/reputation system is yet to be changed. There were more topic about it recently, I remember answering at least one. So it'll be redesigned in the future. Whether yet in 1.9.x version or 2.0 is not sure however.
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