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16 years ago

I am having an issue with the email verification process on my forum.

When a user registers, it sends an email to their address correctly. The link that is provided in that email that they are supposed to click on seems to be correct however it is being redirected automatically to an invalid page.


Here is a sample validation link.


Notice that it includes 'forumpage.aspx' as that is the page that contains my forum.

However, when that link is clicked on it redirects to...


That page doesn't exist and so it fails.

If I manually change the words 'default.aspx' to 'forumpage.aspx' the link works and the user is able to login.

Is there a place where I can control this ahead of time so it redirects to the correct page automatically? My forum is not running as an application, but rather as a control in the flow of my page.

If I get this issue resolved I will be able to release my website, but until I get it fixed, users won't be able to register with the email verification feature turned on and I really need to have it turned on.

Thanks for your help and I LOVE your forum!


  • ebown5
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16 years ago
I fixed this issue on my own and just wanted to let other people having the problem know what I did.

I just renamed the default.aspx page and then created a new one that was totally blank other than this text:




The board codes the end of that text as a smiley, but it is really just a parenthesis

It worked perfectly!