6 years ago

I am new to YAF. I have some fear, uncertainty, and doubt about installing the software onto my newly purchased shared hosting site.

It seems lame, but even though I work with .net web apps for a living, I've never been exposed to a windows shared hosting environment. I'm used to having full control over everything, and the installation would not be an issue in that environment.

I've noticed that the documentation seems to be biased toward installing on a machine that you do control.

Can anyone offer advice, or actual steps, to install the software on a shared host? I chose A2Hosting.com, and they run the Plesk control panel. If anyone knows about this specifically, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance,


6 years ago

Well, three days is long enough. If I had a real question, I'd be out of luck.

I guess that's all I really needed to know.

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6 years ago
Sorry for the late answer. The problem is that most users have an own server without a shared hosting provider. I never used Plesk before but really the installation is similar as described in the documentation.

The only difference would be that you create the database within the plesk admin interface, where you would get the connection string, for the db.config.

The rest is similar upload the files and run the installation