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10 years ago
This isn't really YAF specific, but I think we've got a group of smart people so I'll pose the question regardless. :)

I have a background process that collects the latest tweet for a couple dozen or so Packers players/writers. If it finds a 'new' tweet, it enters it into the ShoutBoxMessage database table as BoardId = 2. (there, I put that so it's more YAF related lol).

I created a web user control that grabs the top 15 most recent tweets from the YAF shoutboxmessage table and displays them.

You can see my creation on the lower right on this link .

If you click this link  for comparison sake, you'll see a better design layout.

That brings me to my question.

Is there a better way to display X amount of tweets from a large collection of twitter handles that will show the profile picture without compromising site page load time? I fear if I do this differently that my site will be at the mercy of "Twitter".

Here's what I'm using to get the latest tweet from each twitter handle.