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10 years ago

And now I get this error:

Compiler Error Message: CS0103: The name 'YafBoardFolders' does not exist in the current context

Did you upgrade the web.config correctly?


  • MattiasLind
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10 years ago
Yup, I searched the full tag and replaced it with the new full tag or removed. All according to the upgrade documentation.

And if I do a new install on a new server, and then restores a copy of the database, I get problems with the passwords.

To do a migration to a new server I can:

1) Install YAF on a new server.

2) Configure it as a new install and use the same Administrative Password. (Install password, the one in app.config)

3) Make sure it runs.

4) Restore the database to the one I want to migrate.

5) Run the /install/default.aspx and change to the restored database.

Am I correct on this?