12 years ago
Hello all,

I just went to install YAF on my server that is right now in testing, but will eventually go into production. no ports are forwarded or anything yet. I am trying to install YAF internally for the moment so that I can test it out. I know that when I went to type in my configuration password, I typed it in correctly, because if not, then how would I have been able to get to the database check screen? It was email that is the problem. I put for the email address katherine.moss@raeder24.org, for network =, I have i7mail.net, and for the port I have 587 (because SMTP port 25 causes problems on this network and most others). Then I have my password. none of this worked because I got an error saying that it could simply not send mail. What did I do wrong? This is after restarting the site. Then after that, I typed in my password, the email address (same as above), and the security question and it's answer. after that, there was a dialog that popped up, but it didn't tell me anything that I could see (I am a blind user, so I use screen readers to navigate the computer screen). I clicked okay (the only button there), and it threw me back at the previous page. What happened? Thanks. If you need more information, please ask. My mail.config file follows:

Please let me know what my next step would be.

Katherine Moss,

Technologist and lover of Boston