12 years ago
Will there be a possibility for Admins of the forum to define these Statuses?

For example, our forum is used as a MMO guild forum. We get applications to join the guild. So that having a Application status that can be set to Accepted and Declined. I can't seem to see any options for adding to the option list today, is that something you guys are planning?

I guess I can do it the dirty way by manipulating the database for now...

EDIT: I see now that there is no Ralationship table to the Status but rather a string pushed into the Topic table. Maybe future versions should have a seperate table Users can add to? Also would be great to be able to define a default status out of those existing table that new topics would get withing a forum category. So that under the Forum Administration one could get a Default New Topic Status with a drop down containing all the statuses defined.

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12 years ago
Currently if you want to add a status you can do that by adding a list item to the dropdown on the postmessage.ascx page

<asp:DropDownList ID="TopicStatus" runat="server" CssClass="edit" Width="400">
              <asp:ListItem Text="INFORMATIC" Value="informatic"></asp:ListItem>
              <asp:ListItem Text="QUESTION" Value="question"></asp:ListItem>
              <asp:ListItem Text="SOLVED" Value="solved"></asp:ListItem>
              <asp:ListItem Text="ISSUE" Value="issue"></asp:ListItem>
              <asp:ListItem Text="FIXED" Value="fixed"></asp:ListItem>
              <asp:ListItem Text="STATUSTEXT" Value="STATUSVALUE"></asp:ListItem>

You need to define a value and a default text.

And add the localized text to the language files

<page name="TOPIC_STATUS">
	   <Resource tag="INFORMATIC">Informative</Resource>
       <Resource tag="SOLVED">Solved</Resource>
       <Resource tag="QUESTION">Question</Resource>
	   <Resource tag="ISSUE">Issue</Resource>
	   <Resource tag="FIXED">Fixed</Resource>
                <Resource tag="STATUSVALUE">Text</Resource>

you can also add it to the themes.xml and attach a icon to it.

This is a temp. Solution this needs to be moved in its on status table, with a interface in the admin area to add and modify the statuses.

P.S:I moved your post in to a new topic, because the topic you posted in was about the read tracking of a user not the topic status.

12 years ago
Cheers Watcha!!!

I will give it a shot. 🙂