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12 years ago
Hi There,

I have installed YAF on our hosting server and all was working well until I decided to test the lost password feature.

I got to the login page clicked on Lost Password button, entered the memorable question and got the message that an email has been sent.

I did not receive the email (SMTP not set up properly I suppose) but now I can not login and stupidly I used the admin account as the lost password account.

I have got access to the MS Sql server files. How do I reset the password for the Admin Account.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,


12 years ago
You could setup the mail.config file so that when clicking the "lost password" it has the ability to mail you -- then it will reset it again and you could go from there.

I think the only other option would be that you have to check your web.config to see what method is being used to encrypt your passwords in the database, then pick a password, and use an online site to 'hash' the password then you would be able to insert the hashed password into the database. (Long stressful hack).

I would go the route of sorting out your email issues. Mail setup is controlled by the mail.config file in the YAF folder.

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12 years ago
I believe this was answered not too loang ago. The idea was to create a new user, since you have access to the sql database, try setting the flag of that user to an administrator (can't remember which table and which field though). Log in as that user and edit the password of the the administrator of your choice.
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