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13 years ago
YAF running on .Net 4 under IIS 6.

Having installed and configured YAF I set about creating some test user accounts. I won't be using the Register option so will be creating accounts manually using the yaf_admin_reguser.aspx page.

I noticed that once a test user was created this way they correctly recevied the Registration Verification email. However on clicking the link provided in the email the user received a "Failed to Verify" error message. Upon investigation I noticed that when a user was created this way the CheckEmail database table remained empty. This is not the case if you self-register a user using the registration.aspx page. In that scenario a row is added to the CheckEmail table with the hashed email etc for the registering user so that this can be verified when they click the link in the email.

As I need the email verification working for non self-regisitering users I added a call to the yaf_checkemail_save sproc in the ForumRegister_Click method as follows: LegacyDb.checkemail_save(userID, hash, user.Email);

Once done, when a new non self-registering user was created via the yaf_admin_reguser.aspx page, a row was added to the CheckEmail table and the email verification link resulted in successful verification of the users email.

Is this a bug or by design? If it is a bug could I kindly request it be resolved for the next release if at all possible. Keep up the good work here at YAF central btw.

Additional: also discovered that when creating a non self-registering user that the "Default Notification" Board Settings value is ignored. It defaults to "No Notifications". Changed this by calling the user_savenotification sproc as follows:







After this change to the yaf_admin_reguser.aspx page the Board Settings Default Notification was applied to the newly created non self-registering user.

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13 years ago
Thanks for your report, i added the Code to the Repository.
11 years ago
Here is a good .net component to verify email addresses: