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13 years ago
We have successfully integrated YAF into our membership, but because most of the data is preexisting, many of the users don't have a Password question or answer set. This is apparently causing problems with letting them reset their own passwords as it reports the answer failed to match the one stored(obviously, because its nonexistant).

We are using the default SHA1 hash passwords yet if I take a known password answer from a new account and the password salt and hash them, I don't get the resulting stored password answer in the database. Does anyone have a simple script that can be run either as a file or as a SQL query to set blank questions and answers to a specified default or a way to disable requiring the password question and answer to reset passwords?

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13 years ago
You can turn it off in the web.config

<add connectionStringName="yafnet" applicationName="YetAnotherForum" name="YafMembershipProvider" requiresUniqueEmail="true"  enablePasswordRetrieval="false"
         requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false" useSalt="true" type="YAF.Providers.Membership.YafMembershipProvider"/>
12 years ago
I did the same thing, but I couldn't reset password and login.