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13 years ago
I'm not sure if it's really a bug or a designed feature.

There is a sub-forum created for general purposes. The guests can post any info to this sub-forum after they enter captcha. The forum is pre-moderated, etc. When I want to create a new topic I see only "New" and that's fine. But when I open the existing already posted message I see several buttons: Quote, Delete, Edit, Attach. And I'm NOT logged in!!! What's going on? Is any stranger able to be a moderator of any message in this sub-forum? Maybe I did incorrectly setup this forum. In my settings I configured the guests to have the member level access. But how can I let the guests publish on this forum? Should I create a brand new group and assign the right permissions to this group instead?

I guess this is it! I created a new Access Mask and assigned this ask to the Guests for this sub-forum. Resolved.